ICAPS Online Summer School on Automated Planning & Scheduling

IMPORTANT: ICAPS Summer School will now be online.

The exact dates of the school will depend upon the arrangements of the ICAPS conference. More information about ICAPS 2020 arrangements and a survey can be found here:


General information and Important Dates

IMPORTANT: Summer School postponed to October 19-23 (provisional dates) due to COVID-19.

Application DateSeptember 14
Notification of AdmissionSeptember 21
Date of SchoolOctober 19-23 (provisional dates)
OrganisersMalik Ghallab, Michael Cashmore

School Program and Speakers

The 2020 ICAPS Summer School will provide students with the opportunity to learn about both the foundations and recent developments in exciting research areas in AI planning and scheduling, robotics, and plan execution. It will offer two days of training labs and three days of lectures.

Training labs involve group exercises and interactive sessions, interspersed through
the week, and cover:

  • An introduction to planning and modelling,
  • Domain modelling exercises,
  • Plan execution exercises in simulated logistics domains with deadlines,
  • Plan execution exercises in simulated robotics domains with manipulation and navigation.

Lectures include Q&A sessions and cover the following topics:

  • Numerical planning
  • Temporal planning
  • Probabilistic planning
  • Multi-Agent planning
  • Refinement planning
  • Task and motion planning
  • Integrating time-constrained planning and acting
  • Plan-based robot control
  • Long-term autonomy
  • Planning, knowledge and reasoning
  • Planning and learning
  • Learning models of planning refinement methods

Speakers on these topics will be announced soon.

Virtual Summer School

The summer school will be held fully online, through tools such as Zoom.

  • All lectures will be held on Zoom, with a chat channel for questions and answers, moderated by a co-host.
  • Interactive sessions will be held in Zoom with breakout rooms for group exercises.
  • A dedicated Slack #channel will be available for students to interact during and outside of the sessions.
  • Introductory planning sessions and group exercises in domain modelling make use of tools such as planning.domains.
  • Group exercises and interactive sessions will take place using online planning and simulation environments – more information on this will be available soon.

No special software is required for attending the school.

Application Procedure

Applicants must submit the following documents, merged into one PDF and in this order:

  • Completed ICAPS Summer School application form (LINK).
  • A light-weight letter describing how the applicant’s research topic is connected to the school. Maximum 1-page. The purpose of the letter is for the school chairs to be able to confirm, at a high level, that the school content is in principle suited to your background.

Applications are submitted through EasyChair (upload the PDF application as a paper with title ‘application’) https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=icapsicrass2020

Registration Fee

As the school is held online, there will be no registration fee.