Social Events

Diversity Event

We will be having a 1 hour virtual diversity and inclusion event at ICAPS 2020. The event will be broadly focused on the goal of increasing equitability and representation for groups marginalized and underrepresented within computer science. Diversity is intersectional and includes race, ethnicity, national origin, ancestry, gender, gender identity or presentation, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, marital or familial status, and disability.

Chat with a Senior

In this social event, senior researchers from the community will make themselves available for an informal discussion with junior researchers. Each senior researcher will sit at a table at the bar on, and junior researchers are welcome to join any table with a free spot. No need to sign up, just show up and grab a virtual chair. Participating senior researchers will be recognizable by having a * at the beginning of their names on

Pseudonym Get-Together

On the 3rd day of the main conference, all participants will replace their real name in the Gather virtual conference center with the name of a movie character. We will thus not know who we're about to meet!

Scavenger Hunt

Throughout the conference, there will be a scavenger hunt. The prize is to have your name announced as winner on the Web page. Your first challenge is to find the link to the scavenger hunt in the Gather virtual conference center!

Community Socializing

You will forever regret if you miss this! There'll be 1) the first ever ICAPS Pub Quiz, where you will form teams competing to solve a whole bunch of silly questions about ICAPS folklore. This will be followed by 2) a deep analysis of ICAPS musical history, including the world premiere of two brand-new music videos. Grab some goodies (coffee/lunch/beer as a function of your time zone), join up with your friends, have fun!

You missed it? Too bad. But maybe this can cheer you up: